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I Will Create an Interactive Digital Salesperson Using Soul Machines, Dialogflow & OpenAI

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Transform your website with an AI-powered 3D digital salesperson. This interactive entity, trained on your specific knowledge base, will provide a unique and efficient user experience, driving sales and customer engagement.

As a Conversation Designer endorsed by Soul Machines, I will leverage advanced AI technology to bring your digital salesperson to life. This AI entity will be equipped with a coherent identity and backstory, and will be content-aware, tailored to your specific use cases and business needs.

In this gig, I will:

  1. Create a customized 3D digital salesperson using Soul Machines, Dialogflow, and OpenAI technology.
  2. Craft a compelling backstory and identity for your digital salesperson.
  3. Train your digital salesperson on your specific knowledge base, enabling it to answer customer queries, guide users through the sales process, and provide personalized recommendations.
  4. Embed the digital salesperson into your website for seamless integration and interaction.
  5. Provide guidance and support on how to best utilize your digital salesperson for sales automation and customer engagement.


As a bonus, I will create a unique digital identity for your digital salesperson using YAT. This identity will be transferred to you as an NFT, providing an additional layer of uniqueness and ownership to your digital salesperson.

Take your online sales strategy to the next level with an AI-powered digital salesperson. Let's revolutionize your customer engagement together!

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