Last update 8 months ago

What is AiExperts?

AiExperts is a specialized service marketplace for AI talent. It provides a platform for freelancers to create an expert profile and offer ready-made to custom AI services, thereby expanding their reach.

What kind of services does AiExperts offer?

AiExperts offers a variety of services related to AI and innovation. It's designed to facilitate the adoption of AI services from freelancers in a safe and efficient manner.

How is AiExperts different from platforms like Fiverr and Upwork?

While AiExperts operates on a similar model to other freelancing platforms, it stands out by focusing solely on AI services. We endorse a culture of quality work and innovation, making us a niche-specific platform for AI talent.

How can I hire an AI expert from AiExperts?

Hiring on AiExperts is straightforward. Browse the appropriate category to find freelancers offering services that match your needs. You can then contact the experts and propose a custom project using project offers. This ensures a safe and efficient hiring process.

What industries does AiExperts cater to?

AiExperts caters to a wide range of industries with AI needs, from chatbots and digital personas to AI automation and custom trained AI solutions.

How does AiExperts ensure the quality of its experts?

At AiExperts, we promote a culture of quality and responsible work. Our platform is designed to facilitate high-quality AI services from experienced and vetted freelancers.

Can I get a customized AI solution for my business from AiExperts?

Yes, AiExperts provides categories for custom AI solutions. You can browse the appropriate categories or submit a custom project request, and developers will reach out to you.

What is the cost of hiring an AI expert from AiExperts?

The cost of hiring an AI expert varies based on the expert's rate and the complexity of the project. You can get a quote by contacting the expert directly.

How can I become an AI expert on AiExperts?

To become an AI expert on AiExperts, simply join us at https://aiexperts.me/start_selling.

What is the process of working with an AI expert from AiExperts?

The process involves a mix of automated systems provided by AiExperts, such as briefs, requirements, and escrows. This ensures that jobs are done properly and without confusion.

Can I get support after the completion of my project?

Yes, most AI experts on AiExperts offer post-project support. Please communicate this need beforehand directly with the experts.

What if I'm not satisfied with the work of the AI expert I hired?

At AiExperts, we value both our customers and freelancers. We encourage responsible and fair operations. However, if you're unsatisfied after communicating with the other party, AiExperts is available to help come to a resolution.