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AI Lawyer Assistant - Custom Trained on Your Data

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Key Facts:

  1. I've worked with numerous legal professionals, helping them leverage AI for tasks such as contract analysis and legal research.
  2. I provide strategic consulting on AI adoption, tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your legal practice.
  3. I have extensive knowledge of various AI models and their appropriate use cases in the legal field.

About this Gig:

Are you struggling with legal costs or looking to empower your current legal matters with a second brain? I have the solution for you.

I offer a custom trained AI lawyer assistant, built using Langchain and trained with your data. Essentially, I will be converting your data into vectors and supplying the AI with as much information as possible to form a prompt in favor of your defense. The tech stack for this will include Langchain, Pinecone, OpenAI GPT-4, and Digital Ocean. Please note that you will be responsible for supplying your GPT-4 API for tokens.

This AI assistant can handle tasks such as contract analysis and legal research, and can be integrated into your existing workflows for seamless operation and maximum efficiency.

Service Packages:

  1. AI Lawyer Assistant Introduction ($330): This introductory package includes a 1-hour consulting session where I can walk you through how the AI lawyer assistant can benefit your practice. We'll discuss your practice's needs and challenges, and create a strategic AI adoption plan tailored to your needs.
  2. Custom Trained AI Lawyer Assistant ($3000): This package includes the creation of a custom trained AI lawyer assistant built using your data. The AI assistant can be customized to handle specific tasks relevant to your practice.
  3. AI Lawyer Assistant Integration ($9000): This comprehensive package includes the integration of the AI lawyer assistant into your existing workflows, ensuring seamless operation and maximum efficiency.

Contact me today for a demo or to start your journey towards enhanced efficiency with a custom trained AI lawyer assistant!

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